Get ready to beta-test!

Get ready to beta-test!

The Data Commons is working on making sharing data easier, faster, and cheaper. There are three ways to do this: shared agreements on how data gets used, shared methodologies on how data is collected, and shared tech for keeping data up to date and in line with the wishes of data owners (the people data is about).

We are ready to start getting feedback on our beta-version Data Use Agreement. The agreement does a few things: it enshrines data sovereignty of Data Owners (the people that we have data about) as an important principle. It outlines rights and responsibilities of data gatherers and data users, including respecting the wishes of data owners. And it makes sure that those agreements and principles apply to any sharing with new data users.

We are also working on a shared worksheet on data fields and how to collect data in a way that can be comparable. The biggest area of needed development right now is how to gather data on supply chains for solidarity/cooperative economy entities! If you are working on this or would like to get involved, let’s talk. You can email

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