Cooperative Digital Infrastructure Manifesto
Status: Collecting Signatures through 31 December 2023
We invite you to review and sign the Cooperative Digital Infrastructure Manifesto, which calls for the International Cooperative Alliance and cooperative apex organizations to call for global cooperative digital infrastructures and strengthen cooperative principles in the digital economy.

Data Points Standardization
Status: v.1 Beta
In 2020, the Data Sharing Working Group worked on developing template data fields and categories for authentically gathering information on the solidarity and cooperative economy, in a way that both matches conventional data and celebrates our diverse and alternative approach to economic participation. We now have a template for basic data gathering and a more extensive sheet of in-depth entity data.

Data Use Agreements
Status: Working Drafts
In 2020, the Data Sharing Working Group developed a draft template Data Use Agreement and Data Ownership Agreement. The Data Ownership Agreement, which is made with the organizations our members gather data about, lets our members’ constituency assume control over their own data and makes data stewards’ rights and responsibilities clear. The Data Use Agreement gives those who want to use data that other DCC members have gathered certain rights and responsibilities, including sharing back any updates that they gather so that the data pool is upgraded over time.

Stone Soup
Status: Active Since 2018
Stone Soup is a Ruby on Rails app that periodically aggregates the data maintained by DCC data sharer members from data sources ranging from CiviCRM to Google Spreadsheets and removes redundancies. It is open source and available on GitHub.
Status: Launched 2017
DCC’s flagship project that displays the data aggregated DCC data sharer members (via Stone Soup) in filtered interactive maps.

Future Plans

New Database, Integrations, and Migration
Login & Account System
Status: Initial Planning
These are larger scale tech implementations intended to make data collection, aggregation, maintenance, privacy control, access, and usage easier for members and stakeholders.

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