Photos: Rock City Cafe and Roasting Company, ME, Tanka Resilient Agriculture, SD, North Wind Renewable Energy, WI

The Data Commons Co-op powers democratic flows of data within the cooperative and solidarity economy.

We aspire to aid research, promote networking and growth, and power new products, services and resources.

We not only serve communities in the solidarity economy, but as a co-op, are owned by them.

We believe in Consentful Tech and Open Source software.

We aim to provide data owners and sharers with as much transparency and control over their information as possible.

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Featured Member

U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC)

The U.S. Federation of Worker Coops is a founding member of the DCC. They represent the hundreds of worker coops in the US and are a mighty force for advocacy, shared services and networking.

We’re grateful for the work all of our members do to build a better economy. If you are part of the solidarity economy, join us!