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Support our work and reap the benefits sown with the Data Commons. These are common reasons why people become members and associated benefits.

Data Sharer
Do you collect data on cooperatives or the solidarity economy? We can assist with the technology along with data collection and stewardship best practices. And we can share and amplify your work (within the preferences set by you or the original data owners).

Data User
Are you looking for data on coops or the solidarity economy for your research, product or service? Or are you looking to communicate with or connect with other coops? We can help you access and use the information you need.

Data Owner
Are you part of a coop or collective and want to get represented and connected? Share your data while retaining complete control over your data and privacy rights while supporting crucial infrastructure development.

Solidarity Economy Sustainers
Are you an individual or outside entity that wants to see the cooperative economy grow? Sign up as a supporter and keep up to date with DCC.

Or Donate!

Membership not for you? You can still support DCC with a monetary donation.

How DCC Can Help…

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