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What is the DCC?

The Data Commons Cooperative enables its members to share the information we need to create a more democratic economy. DCC is a network owned and controlled by its members; each member contributes what they know and any member can use that data for their needs. By providing democratic access to information, DCC helps reduce costs and redundancy, and strengthens our movement by creating tools and facilitating projects that augment our members’ work.

Hungry for more about the Data Commons? Watch a few short videos from our members, talking about what the Data Commons is doing – and could do, with more support!

Or, watch this longer video to learn even more.

What we mean by data

We share anything that fits in a spreadsheet. Contact lists, local dollars spent, government representatives, anything that can be tracked relevant to building a more democratic economy.

What we’ve done

SolidarityNYC is one recent example. Through working with the DCC, this volunteer collective has been able to completely update its map of the Solidarity Economy in New York. They’ve been able to increase their functionality by including a tagging platform and populate the map with new locations.

The map has been central to our organizing work in connecting Solidarity Economy sectors to one another and illustrating the breadth of activity in our city and movement writ large. This is why we so deeply believe in the work of the Data Commons, because such data sharing eliminates the silos that we as cooperators often work within.
–Lauren Taylor, SolidarityNYC member, Data Commons Cooperative Board President

What we’re doing

We’re building tools to help share data and make it readily available. These tools will allow new economy organizations to identify allies in their geography and sector, or give co-ops the resources to make the case for policy changes.

Your support is so appreciated!

All donors are listed in our annual reports, distributed to all members, for a minimum of 5 years after their donation. And, if you donate $100 or less, your donation will be matched through a Fund for Democratic Communities matching grant!

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