Board of Directors

  • Jamie Campbell (former President, former Treasurer)
  • Emily Lippold Cheney
  • Noémi Giszpenc (Secretary)
  • Lauren Hudson (President)
  • Mira Luna
  • Ethan Miller (former President)
  • David Morgan (Treasurer, former Secretary)

Operations Team

  • Daphne Loring
  • Noemi Giszpenc
  • Paul Fitzpatrick
  • Kathleen Fekete

Prior members of the Board of Directors

  • Jim Johnson, served as Treasurer. Resigned as of 2014/06/20, to concentrate on tech team.
  • Paul Fitzpatrick, served as Treasurer and Secretary in rotation. Resigned as of 2014/06/20, to concentrate on tech and operations team.
  • Melissa Hoover, term finished 2013/06/14.  Thanks Melissa for giving the time you didn't really have to get this co-op going!
  • Joe Marraffino, President, resigned as of 2012/08/24.  Thanks for everything Joe, GreenStar Co-op is lucky to have you!

The Data Commons Tech and Operations Workers

Thank you to our financial supporters!

Thanks to our organizational supporters!