Interim Strategic Plan, June 2014 - June 2015

Data Commons Vision

To be a critical catalyst for collaborative, generative, distributed flows of data in service of a collaborative, generative, distributed economy.

Data Commons Mission

We build free and open infrastructure for members to collaboratively gather, share, maintain, display and deploy information about a generative economy.

Draft Interim Strategic Plan

Under preparation by the Visioning and Development Team, not yet complete. Get involved!

Information Gathering

Strategic orientation for information gathering to be explored by board and visioning committee.

Information Sharing

Strategic orientation for information sharing to be explored by board and visioning committee.

Information Maintenance

  • Periodic pull updates

Data Commons keeps its member data updated, preferably in an automated fashion, and avoids the “stale data” problem that has consistently plagued similar efforts.

  • Push updates

Data Commons enables its members to trigger updates of their own information.

Information Display

  • Central website

Data Commons enables members to access available information through a website maintained by the Data Commons co-op.

  • Programmatically retrieved data

Data Commons enables members to display Data Commons data on their own sites, devices, etc by providing the ability to programmatically “pull” data.

  • Online Members Marketplace

Data Commons provides an online marketplace to provide the ability for members to procure from each other.

Information Deployment

  • Upstream Merging

Data Commons provides members with the ability to merge their own data sets with information from Data Commons.