May 2014

Data Commons Change Report

The Data Commons Co-op is beginning to systematically archive databases, spreadsheets, or online lists. The Change Report is an experiment in giving our members insight into the scope of the data the co-op holds on their behalf. For now, we give raw listings of new material that has come in. Apologies to members who have chipped in data that we're not yet processing and reporting. All errors are our own.

US Federation of Worker Co-ops,

The USFWC is the U.S. national grassroots membership organization for worker cooperatives. The USFWC has made a detailed census of worker co-ops, available on Here we list those co-ops marked as startups. The census has much more information, including established worker co-ops, other democratic workplaces, and co-ops at the “idea-only” stage.

Co-ops tagged as start-ups

Cooperative Directory Service,

The Coop Directory Service is an online source of information about natural food co-ops and buying clubs. It is is dedicated to the memory of Kris Olsen (1946-1998) and his life-long effort to introduce people to natural food co-ops and assist them in starting buying clubs.

There are 430 entries in this directory.

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Stone Soup Directory,

This is a directory developed by the DCC to serve those who don't have their own directory, and to pool listings between communities that permit that.

There are 6076 entries in this directory.

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  • JUST Community Market Co-operative Ltd. - Marketing producer co-op in Manitoba, Canada. Grows food following Canadian Organic Regime production guidelines. Sells produce, culinary and medicinal herbs, and bedding plants locally at farmers' markets, events and directly to customers in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba. Also sells to local restaurants and organic food outlets. Supports the arts and is developing a marketplace for producers in the areas of music, visual arts, crafts, as well as writers. Supports alternative economies and is developing a network of ethical and green business services.
  • New Orleans Food Co-op - Open 7 am to 10 pm daily.


hOurworld is a worker owned co-op that offers free access to software for timebanks across the US and UK. hOurworld staff partner with local community timebanks and co-train with them. They hope to thread the time economy into the co-op economy!

There are 186 entries in this directory.

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