The Data Commons Cooperative is open for business!

July 2012

The DCC is now officially incorporated as a cooperative and open for business!  Many thanks to everyone who helped get us to this point.  Thanks to our initial board of directors:

We are grateful to our incorporators, Micha Josephy, Andrew Danforth, Kathleen Fekete Bauerlein, Jeremiah Ward, Brian Van Slyke, Ben Mauer, and Steve Backman, and to Patrick J. Deluhery for walking us through the legalities.  Thanks to CDI for bootstrapping us up from barely knowing how to tie our shoelaces to actually maybe being able to walk.

Everyone who's been waiting to send us a membership check, now is the time :-).  Membership packet is here (the fee schedule is on the last page).  We'll be posting a revised membership application form shortly.